Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas Edition: Sephora Makeup Haul!

Hey guys. Just wanted to update you on my vacation in Prague with my sister. Several days ago, we walked around the Palladium Mall in Prague. We browsed around Sephora for half an hour and ended buying several things. Sephora was having a promotion of 2+1 on all Sephora products. So after getting the makeup box and the bronzer, I picked up the eyelash curler for free. I really wanted to buy the Chanel eyelash curler but everywhere I go, it was sold out! I've heard many good reviews on it and I guess everyone else did too. I hope I'll be able to grab one before it sells out again the next time I hit the mall. All the products in this post was bought at Sephora except for the Curioliss hair straightener. This was bought at a booth in the mall. It was quite pricey but definitely worth the investment. I will do a makeup review on these products when I get back to Brighton in January. 

In the meantime, continue to enjoy your holidays and happy new years!!!



  1. nice make up haul, I'm currently looking for a curling iron as well, might check that out on sephora later on ;)

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  2. You got some really great things. I love the make-up products you can find at Sephora, the quality is often very good! Happy New Year :)